Affiloblueprint best legitimate online business

Affiloblueprint best legitimate online business

Week 3 of Affiloblueprint


Hello, Russell here to talk about week 3 of Affilolueprint 3.0. I get more excited as I listen to a video or training chapter. I started out with no idea that I would learn so much. This is the best legitimate online business training program available.


Online Business Startup Guide


Chapter 2 teaches how to create content. Original content is king. I mean, it is still possible to recycle blog posts, and articles. But remember nothing beats original content. It does a take a bit of time to put together. To be effective you have research your niche. Find out what motivates people in that niche. Then create a smashing headline. Then you write…

What’s included?


This is a Turn Key Money Making System with;

  1. Skills you can leverage into your business to make even more money!
  2. Access to a forum that have newbies and seasoned professionals all exchanging ideas, and knowledge sharing
  3. .…more

So now, time to build sites, blogs and Squeeze pages… and landing pages! The knowledge contained in this valuable program is amazing! They do say that if you are just starting out you shouldn’t be making web pages, but I’ve been building WordPress sites for years. What better way than to practice building on an online business startup guide platform that’s going to make money for me soon after i’m done.


What can I expect?


Your first draft will be chopped garbled and fragmented. You have to reread and rewrite multiple times to get it to flow. Make sure you’re creating value and creating excitement about your print. This can be a challenge for many since we are not all natural copywriters. Copywriting is a special skill that if you decide to learn, you will increase your business value multiplied!


Copywriting is a turn key money making skill you can sell to marketers. However you can always hire a copywriter. and have seasoned and novice copywriters ready to do work for you. I don’t plan on becoming a copywriter, but I do want to be able to recognize quality content. While I’m learning I’m building quality organic content.

Being a novice copywriter, I have some progress to make. But this is a valuable skill I’m adding to my product line. At least I’m a part of the best legitimate online business.  While creating content I’m using my training. When I’m not using my training I can address it. Measure it and fix it!


Hiring a pro?


If you do decide to hire a freelancer, make sure they have experience writing content that matches your niche. Building content can be approached from many angles. And there are lots of ways to locate content for you to use for your niche.

It is very important to mention the mindset of being a small business person. No one is going to take better care of your business than you. There are many benefits of setting your own schedule, the potential to make as much money as you want to make in your business. I want:

  • the flexibility to be able to go to my children’s school.
  • take a weeks vacation.
  • to have money at the end of the month
  • …be debt free.

The future of small business is tightly woven into the world wide web. The internet as the premier innovation In the world today, anybody can use the internet to succeed in business. All you need is to position yourself, innovate, and engage in a system that you can use to quickly get $2500 per week or more in as little as 6 months!

There is ample opportunity for free marketing. Of course it takes longer to get your site listed this way. You can still build a solid audience. Be diligent in building your business. This is  the best legitimate online business

Affiloblueprint is just that, an online business startup guide that acts as a blueprint. Shows you how identify problems… and then SOLVE them!!

Summary of what I learned in chapter 2


  • Getting free content for your website
  • Getting inspiration for content
  • Hiring a copywriter
  • The mindset of a business owner
  • A blueprint for your online business
  • A Support forum

Here is a link to one of my other blog entries, it has valuable information on an affiliate marketing site that I love.  }}}

Learning this program you build sites, and generate income at the same time. When you’ve completed the program, you should have several money making sites and sales channels already built. You have found the best legitimate online business. You’re in the driver’s seat. You have a system that you learn while doing! The question is, what are you waiting for?

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  1. I am loving this!! Starting a business is tough work. I and anyone else decides to go down this path can use as much information and resources as possible. More, please!

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