Give yourself a raise with this easy program

Give yourself a raise with this easy program

Plug and Go


Give yourself a raise! What do I mean you ask? Well, I want to tell you about a program. This article will show you know how to;

  • Increase your paycheck without your bosses permission.
  • Show you a system that teaches you how to build wealth.
  • Allow you to be your own business that’s completely set up for you.
  • Take steps to help pull people out of poverty. (If they want it)

You don’t need your bosses permission


I don’t know about you… but I’m moving away from trading “hours for dollars”. I am working to build wealth for my grandchildren’s children.

Do you know anyone who would like to pay for their child’s college before they graduate from high school? Would you like to make one single car payment and be done? I’m here to tell you it’s easier than you think. My friend introduced me to this incredible opportunity. Her name is Altanese Williams. I am just getting started. However I’ve already increased my paycheck by $600 ($300 more every 2 weeks). For just $35 (my monthly coffee budget) you can give yourself a raise. And I want to show you how you can do it too.

Yes you too


I’m a part of a Facebook group of people who hold each other up in the cause of helping each other eliminate debt. The group is awesome. People are joining by the hundreds all of the time. The goal is to show you how to get out of the rat-race. Won’t you join us?

I found who is now my coach Miss Williams talking about this amazing system 3 months ago. As I read about it I was skeptical. She reminded me of my father. He was a innovative and energetic speaker and motivating promoter. Miss Williams is much the same way. She displays dedication and excitement in what she’s doing.

I needed to find out more. I messaged her. She is a kind lady, a great communicator. She started to give me her message. As she spoke this feeling came over me of overwhelming excitement. I listened, and read and watched videos that she presented. Her presentation was awesome! She answered all of my questions. I was so excited I could have ran through a wall. However the skeptic in me took over. I told her no thank you. She said “ok, thanks for listening, it’s not for everybody” and moved on.

This is for me.


Something incredible happened. I added her as a friend on facebook and she accepted my friend request. Then I saw it. People thanking her left and right. People excited about the team they were a part of. I scrolled through Miss Williams timeline and felt… EMPTY. Cold chills running through my body. Person after person receiving incredible blessings just from meeting her and her team.


I saw what was happening in her life and in the lives she touched. My emotions took over me, tears were streaming down my face. I had seen this before and missed the opportunity. My father died before he could give me all of what he was teaching me. However, like some of you know… when GOD has a message for you it will be delivered.

How long?


Weeks passed by and the energy never decreased. More and more people getting the help they need. People getting blessed from all walks of life. It’s like a parade of blessings going past you… with an empty seat with your name on it. People waving at you saying… “Come on, don’t miss it. We have a spot for you”. Finally I had enough!! “MS Al, please sign me up” I can’t sit back and just watch this happen. I kept feeling deep inside of me that this is good. This is what I need. Someone telling me “Russell, give yourself a raise” It’s right on time.


Naturally Miss Williams said “sure I’ll be happy to help you”. When I became a part of this wonderful program I experienced an outpouring of people welcoming me. High fiving, just welcoming. They were working for the same things I’m working for. I know you’ve seen it before. People excited about going to work. True partnership. People helping people. A promise that so many have offered in the past. Ideas that disappear soon after finding it. It’s obvious to me that this is different. You can take part in a structured, strategic plan. A plan for everybody. Give yourself a raise. Yes everybody who wants to experience life without financial worry. I want you to know that there is a spot for you!

What happens next?


Join us and get;

  • A plug and play opportunity. Fill out a few forms and you have a ready made business.
  • A support system of people who want you to succeed and will help you succeed.
  • Experts who are already doing this every day from all walks of life.
  • A coach you can talk to with consistency.

I’m on my way. I’m a part of a team that will be accountable for me taking each “next step” you need to take to build momentum on this road.

There are things that happen in our lives that you know are a blessing. People come into your life in 1 of 3 phases:

  • A reason
  • A season
  • A lifetime

I know the reason I found this movement. The system is available for everybody… anybody who wants it. Do you want it? Are you interested in building a foundation that your son or daughter can walk into. Give yourself a raise. Don’t wait for your boss to give you one.

Who wants to join me?

Who’s got next?

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