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Hi, my name is Russell Butler. I created Homeworker helpdesk for people who have or want to start a business, and want to expand their business to the internet. We all know of the ruthless scammers out there robbing consumers and businesses of their hard earned money. With the new economy, it has become more important for people to become business owners. The start of the gig economy brought us ride sharing, restaurant and package delivery, and Amazon. It brought a fresh perspective to entrepreneurship. We have a glimpse of the potential we have in the connected world. We can show you how to market your business online. This is an exciting time if you are a progressive innovator and want to take part of a maturing digital world. There is a done for you marketing system that is genuine and I’m going to show it to you.

Jobs in the 21st century

w2 employees are among the highest tax payers. It’s unfair that those who make the least money pay the highest portion of their income to taxes. We already pay uncle sam plenty of taxes. According to the most respected entrepreneurs of today it is dangerous to have just 1 source of income. Innovation is pushing Americans out of their jobs in droves. The definition of jobs is shifting in this era. The middle class is being squeezed away. It is not too late to grab opportunities to get relief from just over broke. Fortunately the internet gives us all a platform to build our personal brands. “Working from home” is no longer a cliche.

These work from home opportunities are not a secret, but they are not always easy to find. The team at homework helpdesk will turn over every rock, to find legitimate real ways to make money. There are a lot of scams in the marketplace

Who can benefit from using this site?

  • stay at home moms #mompreneurs and dads
  • college grads and students
  • working a dead end job or job they hate looking for opportunities
  • investors who need to diversify their investments
  • people who want to market their business online
  • those who want their own online business
  • any business owner who wants to leverage the power of the internet

We know there are many people who want to own an online business. If you’re visiting this page then you are closer than you think. This site intends to make tons of resources available to you. Powerful tools such as an seo beginners guide, apps, websites, forums…anything that we feel will help you in your marketing journey.


Mission Critical


Our mission is to share, store, and publish content. Our focus is providing precise resources. The world wide web is aging. The internet offers small business owners huge leverage. With social media giants, you can have access to more sales, and more focus you can achieve for your business.

The internet is the perfect place to learn how to build a personal brand. If you want a strong chance of being successful, you need a system that has been used successfully in creating a business online. Our system is just the type of system that will guide you step by step through completion of creating a successful online business.

Homeworker helpdesk was designed to be a resource for entrepreneurs on how to market their business online. Our main business is affiliate marketing. We intend to highlight our business in a way that will make it possible for ANY business to use our website to make YOUR website a results producing system. It is no longer necessary for websites to be flashy and full of lights and fluff. Encourage, entertain, enlighten your audience. Help businesses to help their customers in making the buying decision. It doesn’t matter what business you are in. You can make more money in your business. There is a done for you marketing system in the marketplace. Look over our shoulder as we will be building one of our websites and documenting the process through our entire social media outlets.



The good news and the bad news is that there are a lot of tools out there to help you get your business online. It can be easy to get distracted, “shiny new syndrome” makes it easy to lose focus. One of the reasons we use tools is to keep focused, yet we often we get distracted from our original project and veer off into something else.  Keeping your focus and completing your projects give you a good chance in creating income in your online company.

The good news is that no matter what your weakness is, there are resources available that will help steer you in the direction of tools and resources that will address your weaknesses.


Done for you marketing system

The Affiloblueprint covers all areas of affiliate marketing

  • The importance of a healthy mindset,
  • Content creation. From hiring a contractor, to creating your own original content, all possible tools are available to create professional quality content.
  • Business knowledge needed to run the business. WordPress is by far the most used webmaster tools. There is an abundance of help available when you need it.
  • resources and tools needed to add to your education. newsletters, marketing materials, books, videos.
  • forums that have helpful support when you run into roadblocks.

I appreciate you visiting homeworker helpdesk. We will regularly post new blogs both written and video recorded with each progress we make with homework helpdesk.

I genuinely hope you find value in what we present. Please subscribe to take advantage of this wonderful ground floor opportunity.







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